How Much Does a Record Expungement Cost?

June 07, 2017

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    A question we are often asked is ‘how much does an expungement cost?’ The answer, well there isn’t an easy answer. Expungement prices can vary greatly, as everyone’s case is unique to their situation. Multiple factors can influence the cost of an expungement, such as the crime committed and the state it took place in. There is an important checklist that one must go through first before he or she decides they want to file for an expungement.


    First, an individual with a criminal record must see if they are eligible to receive an expungement. Sites like WipeRecord’s free expungement eligibility test can help those with a criminal history determine if they are eligible to expunge their record or not. A series of simple questions will ask about your case and situation to help individuals get their results fast and easy. As every state’s laws and regulations differ, there is no guarantee that everyone’s case can be helped with.

    Seek Legal Advice

    The next step one should take is to seek legal advice from an experienced legal professional. A trusted attorney will give the individual the information and background they need once they have determined if they are eligible for expungement or not. It is best if the individual keeps this resource close to them throughout the expungement process, so that if any questions or concerns arise, they will be answered in a timely manner. Furthermore, having an attorney work on removing your criminal record ensures that the process will be done with care and competence.

    File Your Information with The Court

    If the individual has determined that they are eligible for expungement, the individual may begin drafting their petition to expunge their record. As we said earlier, each state’s laws and rules vary when it comes to this step, so the person should be sure to consult with professional legal advice to ensure they are taking the correct precautionary steps.

    Overall, there is no short answer as to how much an expungement costs. The process is unique for everyone, and each case is different so each individual’s outcome will be completely unique to their situation. Because the expungement process can be complex and state laws can have different implications, it is always best to consult legal advice from an experienced legal professional. To speak with one of our excellent attorneys at WipeRecord, please call us at 844-947-3732.

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