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Fighting Crime With Job Training
September 25, 2016

A number of state programs which provide job training for incarcerated individuals have been selected for federal funding. One of the final initiatives of the Obama administration, the programs work closely with individuals close to being released by preparing them for eventual employment before they are actually released. Additionally, employees of the Linking to Employment Activities programs work closely with … Read More>

Federal Government Bans the Sale of Guns to Medical Marijuana Card Holders
September 12, 2016

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which has jurisdiction over 9 states, decided earlier this month that the federal government can legally ban the sale of guns to medical marijuana card holders. This decision will impact California, Washington, Oregon, among many other states. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, a federal agency, issued a statement in 2011 … Read More>

Going to Canada with a Criminal Record? It may be Quite Difficult
September 1, 2016

Looking to head to Canada to take in some sights, experience culture, or travel for work?  Be sure to enjoy it, because Canada is a beautiful country.  Just be mindful that if you have a criminal record, entry to the northern half may be difficult.  Because the United States and Canada share a database, Canadian border officials can now easily access … Read More>

Voisine vs. The United States
August 31, 2016

The United States Supreme Court has not allowed the unfortunate death of Justice Antonin Scalia to slow its progress. By ensuring that the Court decides cases with a majority, the highest court in the land has been able to successfully avoid gridlock. One of the many decisions made this summer likely to have a significant impact on the lives of … Read More>

Concealed carry permit holder Dylan DeBoard was awarded a Citizen’s Award of Valor
August 25, 2016

Concealed carry permit holder Dylan DeBoard was awarded a Citizen’s Award of Valor by the Mount Vernon police in Ohio for saving a police officer caught in a dangerous situation.  Corporal Michael Wheeler stated that he was attacked by a homeless crystal meth addict while on duty and was pinned on his back, defenseless. Cpl. Wheeler recounts that the attacker … Read More>

New Oregon Law Allows Expungement for Nearly All Felony Drug Convictions
July 27, 2016

Big news out of Oregon!Oregon Senate Bill 908 has greatly expanded Oregon Expungement Law to include Class B felony convictions for possession of essentially all drugs including Schedule 1 Substances.Schedule 1 Drugs include: Heroin | LSD | Marijuana | Mescaline (Peyote) | GHB | Ecstasy (MDMA) | Psilocybin (Mushrooms) | Methaqualone (Quaalude) | Khat | Bath Salts Click here to take our … Read More>

What Are the Expungement Laws in Kentucky?
July 23, 2016

A new law passed in Kentucky allows state residents who have been convicted of a certain classification of a felony to apply for record clearing, provided they have not racked up any additional charges after the completion of their sentence. Certain crimes remain ineligible for record clearing, specifically crimes involving or related to public corruption, sex crimes, drug trafficking, or … Read More>

Mass Incarceration in Oklahoma: When Will It End?
July 21, 2016

 In April, a public forum was held in Oklahoma to address mass incarceration in the state. The panel discussion, called “Mass Incarceration in Oklahoma: When Will It End?” had distinguished speakers like Oklahoma House of Representatives Speaker Kris Steele, Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater and Reverend Jesse Jackson (the pastor of East 6th Street Christian Church, Disciples of Christ), … Read More>

Phone companies charge more for inmate phone calls
July 20, 2016

The Federal Communications Commission’s decision to let prison phone rate caps increase was upheld by a federal appeals court in March 2016. Phone companies will be able to charge as much as 11 cents to 22 centers per minute per phone call provided the court stays the decision after court reviewing appeals from phone companies. These companies allege that the … Read More>