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Record Sealing In Texas
How to Seal A Record in Texas
January 17, 2015

Record sealingHaving a criminal record is never favorable to a person. In many instances, a criminal record can even effect employment or acquiring of property. When potential employers and bank officers do a background check and find a criminal record, they may not provide the desired service. However, there are options available under Texas law for sealing or hiding a … Read More>

Texas Expungement
How A Texas Expungement Can Better Your Future
January 16, 2015

ExpungementHaving a criminal record can alienate someone from opportunities such as employment opportunities, a chance to take a loan, or to own a house.  Individuals often face unfair discrimination when their criminal record lists arrests for which there was never even a conviction.  Everyday people are arrested for crimes they did not commit.  What do you do if you are … Read More>

WipeRecord’s 2015 Goal
WipeRecord’s 2015 Goal
January 6, 2015

Happy 2015! Did you make any goals or resolutions for this year?  Our team at WipeRecord has a very simple goal for 2015: Help more people put their past behind them so that they can start living a better and more productive life.Our team of expungement attorneys in Texas worked extremely hard in 2014 to help our clients expunge and … Read More>