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California Felony Reductions and “Wobbler” Criminal Offenses
July 15, 2015

By:  Sam Eastman, Partner, Eastman Meyler, PCEligibility for Felony Reductions in CaliforniaWhen convicted of a felony, many civil rights and other privileges are taken away, and unless you’re able to obtain a felony reduction, pardon, or some other post-conviction relief, you will be branded as a “felon” for the rest of your life.  An restriction of particular importance to many … Read More>

California: Sealing Arrests Relating to Domestic Violence
July 13, 2015

By: Jeff Libersat, Partner, Eastman, Libersat, Meyler, PCReasons Domestic Violence Arrests in California are CommonDomestic violence-related arrests are among the most common types of arrests in California. The reason for this is that most police departments have a policy in place requiring them to make an arrest after being called to the scene of domestic disturbances.  These policies often … Read More>

Criminal Record Expungement Scam
How to Avoid a Criminal Record Expungement Scam
July 10, 2015

As something complex gains popularity in a society, more opportunity emerges for scam artists to prey on the unassuming and unsophisticated.  This has happened (and continues to happen) in many industries including but not limited to the financial industry (remember Bernie Madoff?), the mortgage industry and many others.  The same is true when it comes to expunging a criminal record.  … Read More>

Indiana Expungement
How An Indiana Expungement Can Help Your Future!
July 9, 2015

Everyone messes up in life. Sometimes you mess up with the law and you can find yourself being arrested or even worse, being convicted of a misdemeanor or felony.  If you live in Indiana, though, you may be able to expunge these convictions or the arrest.Getting a 2nd chance in life doesn’t come often and if you do live in … Read More>

Texas Criminal Resources
Resources to Help Ex-Offenders in Texas
July 3, 2015

While America is often deemed the “Land of Opportunity” it does have its limitations – especially for ex-offenders who have been re-released into society.  The main limitations come in form of housing and employment.  Think about it – do you think a landlord or an employer, would be quick to lease an apartment to or hire an ex-offender?  As progressive … Read More>

How To Request Your Texas Criminal Record
How To Request Your Texas Criminal Record
July 2, 2015

By: Sam Eastman, Partner, Eastman, Libersat, Meyler, PCThe State of Texas keeps your criminal record forever—unless you obtain an expunction, order of nondisclosure, pardon, or conviction set-aside, your criminal record will remain available to the public. To make matters worse, Texas makes criminal records particularly available to the public, even if you were arrested and never charged or convicted of an … Read More>

Identity theft criminal record
Identity Theft And Removing Other False Information From Your Texas Criminal Record
June 24, 2015

By: Sam Eastman, Partner, Eastman, Libersat, Meyler, PCTexas makes criminal records particularly available to the public, regardless of whether an arrest resulted in a conviction. Fair or not, counties in Texas make this private, potentially damaging information available to practically anybody with an internet connection. What is particularly troubling about this system is that such information isn’t even always correct.Incorrect … Read More>

House Votes to Let Nonviolent Ex-Felons Restore Gun Rights
June 20, 2015

The House voted the first week of June 2015 to allow the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms to review applications to own firearms from ex-felons by adjusting their Justice appropriations bill. Colorado Representative Ken Buck, a Republican, spearheaded the effort and suggested that not doing so was antithetical to American ethos by stating, “America is a land of second … Read More>

Criminal Record and joining the military
I Have A Criminal Record and I Want To Join The Military…
June 19, 2015

See If You Qualify for Services NOW We get this question a lot. A young and brave man or woman wants to join the military and serve their country, but their past life holds a criminal record. Will this create an issue with being accepted into the United States Armed Forces? There are six branches of the U.S. Military including the … Read More>