Resources to Help Ex-Offenders in Texas

August 01, 2015

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  • While America is often deemed the “Land of Opportunity” it does have its limitations – especially for ex-offenders who have been re-released into society. The main limitations come in form of housing and employment. Think about it – do you think a landlord or an employer, would be quick to lease an apartment to or hire an ex-offender? As progressive as we as a nation think we are, many would likely not lease to or hire an ex-offender. Often times, ex-offenders are wrongly treated as 2nd class citizens. This includes only being able to rent a place in a “not-so-good” area of town as well as not being able to obtain a job you are qualified for. Why? Well, because landlords and employers do background checks and unfortunately, if you have a record, you are generally perceived as second tier candidate. This is a very unfortunate situation for both sides of the equation. If an ex-offender is fully qualified to lease or be employed at a company and some corporate policy or landlord contract doesn’t allow ex-offenders, both sides lose!

    Luckily there are programs for ex-offenders to successfully reinstate themselves into society. Let’s look at some of them in Texas.

    Texas Offenders Reentry Initiative (T.O.R.I.)

    Per the T.O.R.I. website, their vision is to provide the reentry population with holistic wraparound services, which builds upon resources that are tailored specifically for formerly incarcerated individuals. Some services include prepping for job interviews, resume writing and coaching and job application help. These services prove extremely valuable to those looking to get employment with a record.

    Goodwill Careers Academy

    Goodwill Careers Academy provides case management, pre-employment assistance, training opportunities, client and employer follow-up and additional supportive services as needed. Programs are available for specific populations including veterans, homeless, ex-offenders and those who lack education.

    Project RIO

    Project RIO is administered by the Texas Workforce Commission. The project provides a link between education, training and employment during incarceration with employment, training and education after release. Services are offered to program participants pre-and post-release. See more here:

    There may be more websites for ex-offenders to use to find housing or a job. We will continually post information that may help benefit ex-offenders as they re-acclimate to society.

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