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How to Expunge a DUI in Michigan
November 23, 2021

Michigan's New Clean Slate Act The Clean Slate Act went into effect April 2021, expanding those who can seek to “set aside" convictions. This was life-changing for many people who were previously not eligible to clean up their criminal record. However, until recently, the Clean Slate Act did not allow you to expunge a DUI in Michigan. NOTE: The term “expungement” … Read More>

Michigan clean slate law
What is the Michigan Clean Slate Law?
April 7, 2021

After criminal conviction, most criminals assume they have paid their debt to society and can move forward with their lives. They may have specific goals they want to accomplish, a great work history, and a strong conviction about rebuilding their lives and starting over. Unfortunately, their criminal past can follow them. A criminal history can make it difficult for people to … Read More>

Michigan criminal expungement
How to Expunge a Criminal Record in Michigan
January 27, 2019

Expunging your criminal record in Michigan means that your prior conviction is set aside. If a conviction is expunged, in most cases it is considered to have never happened. For example, with an expunged record, you can honestly tell employers that your criminal record is clean. The record may only be accessed in limited circumstances, such as increasing your sentence … Read More>