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updated Oregon expungement law
Understanding Oregon’s New Expungement Laws
November 19, 2021

As the law rapidly changes from state to state, particularly with a focus on post-conviction remedy options, it can be hard to keep up. Oregon is one such state that has recently made significant changes to their law affecting a defendant’s ability to set aside, or expunge, a conviction.  The Oregon legislature passed Senate Bill 397 this past August with a nearly unanimous vote. The new law will go into effect on January 1, 2022, amending much of the Oregon Revised … Read More>

New Oregon Law Allows Expungement for Nearly All Felony Drug Convictions
July 27, 2016

Big news out of Oregon! Oregon Senate Bill 908 has greatly expanded Oregon Expungement Law to include Class B felony convictions for possession of essentially all drugs including Schedule 1 Substances. Schedule 1 Drugs include: Heroin | LSD | Marijuana | Mescaline (Peyote) | GHB | Ecstasy (MDMA) | Psilocybin (Mushrooms) | Methaqualone (Quaalude) | Khat | Bath Salts Click here to take our … Read More>

Oregon Gun Rights Restoration
How to Restore Firearm Rights in Oregon
January 9, 2016

For those who enjoy hunting and owning firearms, one of the most frequent and lasting problems associated with an Oregon conviction is the loss of firearm rights. To many, the right to own a firearm is a fundamental Constitutional freedom held dearly, and the loss of Second Amendment rights can be devastating.  Having gun rights is inherently important to those who … Read More>

Marijuana criminal justice reform Oregon
High Times May Lie Ahead in Oregon
July 19, 2015

The State of Oregon recently passed a law that legalized the recreational use of marijuana.  The new law reclassifies marijuana related offenses and contains a provision allowing for retroactive expungement of many marijuana related offenses.  Prior convictions for possession, delivery, and manufacture of marijuana are potentially eligible for reduction to misdemeanor or expungement.   Motor vehicle violations related to marijuana … Read More>