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Utah Passes New Expungement Law
March 27, 2020

What is 'Clean Slate' Expungement? Lawmakers in State of Utah passed what’s known as a series of “clean slate” expungement laws, helping people remove criminal records from their past. Utah’s measures have followed the footsteps of similar laws recently enacted in states like Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Clean slate expungements generally refer to widespread opportunities to remove criminal records. … Read More>

How to Find Housing in Utah with a Felony
September 25, 2019

Serving out one’s term of conviction does not mean that one will be embraced with open arms by society. In fact, the completion of a sentence, while closing one door, opens another, behind which lies an entirely new set of challenges. Among a host of problems incurred by any civilian, the acquisition and maintenance of housing is by far one … Read More>