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Seattle Passes Law Restricting Landlords’ Use of Criminal Records
August 17, 2017

Here’s some good news for those people with a criminal record in Washington. On Monday, the Seattle City Council voted 8 to 0 to prohibit landlords from using criminal records to screen prospective tenants. The only exception to the new ordinance are sex offenders – and landlords must still demonstrate a legitimate business reason if they deny housing to a … Read More>

New Washington Law Notifies Domestic Violence Survivors when Abusers Attempt to Purchase a Gun
July 31, 2017

On July 23, a new law took effect in Washington that requires law enforcement to alert victims when their abusers attempt to buy a gun. The House Bill 1501 was signed by Washington Governor Jay Inslee in May, and is the first of its kind among state law. The legislation establishes a grant program which assists authorities in conducting investigations … Read More>

WipeRecord Washington State
Washington Welcomes WipeRecord
August 7, 2015

WipeRecord has a mission to help as many people with a criminal record as possible. We all mess up in life and sometimes those mess-ups can have serious consequences. The good news is that if you have been convicted of either a misdemeanor or felony in the state of Washington, you may be able to seal/expunge your record! Washington, like … Read More>