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Washington State’s New Law to Vacate Criminal Convictions
July 16, 2019

Washington changed its laws in July 2019 to make it easier for you to vacate convictions in Washington.  More people with felony and misdemeanor convictions can do something to get rid of them. Washington doesn’t allow people to completely expunge or destroy criminal records, but they do allow criminal convictions to be “vacated” which is often just as good. Vacating a … Read More>

Washington Firearm Rights Restoration
Firearm Rights Restoration In Washington
February 16, 2016

Washington Gun Rights One of the most controversial Amendments of the United States Constitution is the Second Amendment. As you may know, this amendment covers the right to keep and bear arms. It is often a topic of conversation in many public debate and town hall meetings. Many American citizens use the right to keep and bear arms to protect and care for their home and … Read More>