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Driving For Uber With a Criminal Record

October 15, 2015
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Did you know that Uber, the on-demand technology that allows everyone to be a self-employed cab driver, completed over 2 million background checks in 2014? That’s right, this organization is working hard to keep tabs on the surge (no pun intended) of applications it has been receiving from prospective drivers looking to cash in on driving fellow citizens around town. Interestingly, the process for running background checks has remained relatively archaic, even for the most progressive technology companies in Silicon Valley.

Uber has found a solution to this however, through a new innovative service known as Checkr. Checkr is essentially a background check service that includes some slick automation technology to allow clients to check their prospective employees’ backgrounds in a less expensive and more efficient manner. In addition to social security number validation, address history, sex offender alerts, and checks against other databases such as terrorist watch lists – Checkr also has a driving history option for a nominal additional fee. Currently, Checkr seems to have the most traction with on demand delivery style companies, such as instacart, door dash, and shyp – and it seems to have carved out a nice niche in the market by targeting the service economy, which is growing at an astronomical rate.

Aside from using Checkr to execute on its background checks, Uber has set forth a criteria for what type of individuals it will hire vs who it will not. As far as we know, the current background check looks back 7 years at the following data on your record – County courthouse records for every county of residence for the last 7 years, Federal courthouse records going back 7 years, the multi-state criminal database going back 7 years, Motor Vehicle Records, Social Security Trace, National Sex Offender Registry. As you may have heard, Uber was recently in the hot seat after it was revealed that they did allow 25 or more individuals with violent criminal records get behind the wheel and drive with the service. This may mean tightened policy on any future background checks to avoid possible negative press.

So what can you do to determine if you will be able to pass the Uber Background screening? Well if you have never committed any crimes and have a clean driving record, you probably have a good shot at passing their screening. If you do have prior offenses on your criminal record, you may want to look into getting those offenses expunged or sealed so that they will not show up on your background search. In addition, you may want to look into contacting an online privacy protection company that can help to prevent your information from being accessed by companies, family, and friends who may decide to look you up at any given time. offers criminal record expungement and sealing services at a low cost guarantee to anyone who qualifies to have their past mistakes wiped clean. Please call us today if you have any questions at: 844-947-3732 or you can get started today with our free, secure and confidential eligibility test by clicking here: WipeRecord Eligibility Test.

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Comments ( 25 )

  1. Juan says:

    I had a dui 5 years ago.I want to apply for Uber .I want to know if I get my dui exponge if it will work to work for Uber

  2. Roberto andrade says:

    I have a dui almost 8 years ago and my question are if i still qualified for Uber even that i expunge my dui couple months ago.thank you

    • admin_WR says:

      Depends which state you’re in. Some states allow for a DUI expungement and some don’t. Call us to speak with an intake rep or take our eligibility test.

  3. Roberto andrade says:

    I have a dui 8 years agoCan i work for uber even if expunge my dui

    • admin_WR says:

      Roberto – you may be about to: Depends which state you’re in. Some states allow for a DUI expungement and some don’t. Call us to speak with an intake rep or take our eligibility test.

  4. Joseph says:

    I have an battery charge… would that affect me from driving

  5. Donnie says:

    i had a misdameanor (neglect minor care) 10yrs ago will that keep me from driving for uber?

  6. Javier Ceballos says:

    If I got a first offender dui last year can I drive for uber?

    • DanielWR says:

      Javier, it will likely depend on the circumstances. If your offense took place in one of the states we currently serve, feel free to contact us to determine your eligibility for expungement.

  7. Mark says:

    I live in the state of Virginia and want to drive for Uber but I have a DUI that’s 8 years old and a misdemeanor that is 5 years old, will I pass the background check.

    • DanielWR says:

      Mark, your best option is to pursue some sort of record seal or expungement for those convictions. Unfortunately, we do not currently offer services in Virginia.

  8. Bella says:

    I have felony marijuana conviction. Incident happend in March 2008. In the car with someone that had felony amount of weed. I took a plea in 2009 conspiracy with intent was what I pled to.

    Did a few months went into a community release program. Successfully completed it in May 2011 because I was required to be in the program for 18 mo. Its the one and only time I’ve been in trouble, nothing before or after.

    I know the laws are changing around marijuana and I hear that NJ may legalize recreational weed possibly as early as next year and if I am understanding correctly I can have my record expunged once the laws change in NJ? (Cali already changed the law and felony convictions of weed are being removed or reduced.)

    Anyway this felony has changed my life. I’m skilled but so afraid to apply for jobs in my field because of it, so I’ve been outside my field ever since I made that one mistake.

    I’ve applied for a few jobs and just stopped… I look forward to the laws changing. I need my professional life back without being judged for weed. Even if I did know the weed was there it wasn’t mine and I wasn’t benefiting from it. Anyway no excuse .. I made a mistake… And I am hoping that I can finally have my professional life back. I did my time completed the community release program And have stayed out of trouble. Is that what society ask?

    Anyway pardon the rant… I drove for uber and Lyft in Cali and it hadn’t been 7 years I assumed because it was just weed they allowed for me to drive… But now I live in GA and am wondering will I be able to drive ..they’re more conservative here when it comes to weed.

  9. Walik says:

    I was convicted of aggravated assault in august 2010. It is now may 2017. August makes 7 years. Is there a strong likelihood that my conviction will not show up at this point? Or in August?

    • DanielWR says:

      Walik – in most cases, your criminal record is accessible to the public forever. That is, unless, you get it expunged or sealed. Depending on the state in which you were convicted, you may be eligible to clear your criminal record. Please contact us to discuss your case with an intake representative, or take our eligibility test.

  10. Teresa Iuvino says:

    I was convicted of a felony 8yreas ago. Non dangerous F6 IN ARIZONA.. will this show up ? Can I get my record expunged or sealed?

  11. Princess says:

    I just got pulled over 2 months ago. And I had weed in a small amount of ecstasy which made it just a misdemeanor this is the only time in my life I have been in trouble do you think that will interfere me from driving?

  12. ness says:

    i have misdemeanor embezzlement 8 years ago can i be an uber driver

  13. Karl says:

    Im a Single Parent looking to help My income,nights and Weekends.Have I phone and Android,good Driving record,besides speedping in 2010.I was Convicted of growing Marijuana in 2008.Is that something that would preclude Me from being able to Drive.Have a nice Vehicle,and the Arrest from 2008 was in New York,and was a non-Violemt”Crime”. Should I not even bother trying?

  14. Karl says:

    Im a Single Parent looking to help My income,nights and Weekends.Have I phone and Android,good Driving record,besides speeding in 2010.I was Convicted of growing Marijuana in 2008.Is that something that would preclude Me from being able to Drive.Have a nice Vehicle with inside and outter Cameras.,and the Arrest from 2008 was in New York,and was a non-Violent”Crime”. Should I not even bother trying?

  15. Donald Williams says:

    Will a disorderly conduct case that was dismissed stop a current driver from continuing to work for Uber or Lyft?

  16. Douglas says:

    I was convicted of an assault charge 20 years ago doi qualify for Uber ?

  17. Leah says:

    I have a battery charge from 2018. My child’s father attacked me and we both went to jail. Georgia is very strict with situations as such. I just applied for Uber 2020.. will i be qualified ?

    • DanielWR says:

      Hello Leah, many employers deny applicants jobs due to their criminal records. Although some companies may be more lenient, your best bet would be to expunge your records. Please take our free, secure eligibility test or give us a call at (844) 947-3732 to see if you qualify.

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