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June 28, 2016

As the Fourth of July approaches, I get a strong sense of patriotism.  I’m proud to be an American, and our country’s birthday is a reminder of the principles our country was founded upon.  The US Constitution grants our people great freedom and rights that should not be taken away.  Unfortunately, some of our freedom and rights as Americans are currently under attack.

Your 2nd Amendment Rights Are Under Attack

Our founding fathers were clear in granting us as Americans the right to bear arms and protect ourselves.  Unfortunately, many politicians are now using recent tragedy to justify the taking away of our Constitutional right to protect ourselves as Americans.  To be clear, the recent events in Orlando were an unimaginable tragedy, and I obviously do not support arming suspected terrorists with known hatred for America.

The FBI was contacted and warned something like this may happen more than once in the weeks leading up to the horrific events in Orlando, and failed to prevent this unfortunate event.  This is unacceptable. Our government must do a better job at protecting us from the evil people that seek to destroy our great nation, and can do so without taking away our rights as Americans to protect ourselves from that very evil.

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Restoring Your Constitutional Rights While You Can

For the moment, I feel very fortunate to have my Second Amendment right to bear arms.  Although politicians are currently trying to take those rights away, many Americans have had their Constitutional right to purchase, possess, and use a firearm taken away for a long time for very little reason. In America, if you are convicted of any felony, even a non-violent offense from many years ago, your Second Amendment rights are taken away forever.  For example, if you were convicted 25 years ago for felony possession of a small amount of marijuana, that youthful mistake will take away your Second Amendment rights forever. Is this fair?  Is this American? No, it most certainly is not.


Fortunately, many states have enacted laws that restore Second Amendment rights for non-violent Americans who have made a mistake in their past.  These laws almost always require a judge to make a determination that you are not a danger to society, and do not put guns back in the hands of dangerous criminals.  Dangerous criminals typically do not care about legal gun ownership—they will continue to illegally purchase guns and commit crime regardless of whether they have the right to legally possess a firearm.

We Are Here to Help You Regain Your Rights as an American

Our law firm has helped many Americans restore their right to own a firearm, and I can tell you from a wealth of experience that those seeking to use the legal system to restore their Constitutional rights are not criminals who are looking to buy a gun to commit a crime. First and foremost, the fact that they are going through the process of using the legal system shows that they care about the rule of law.  Criminals do not want to waste the time, money, or effort to legally restore their firearm rights because they do not care about the rule law while committing crimes.  They also will rarely qualify.

We talk to hundreds of individuals every month seeking to restore their firearm rights.  Not everybody qualifies, but the vast majority of callers are people who made a mistake in their past that want to hunt, protect their families, or enjoy the sport of shooting—they don’t call us up so that they can go knock off a liquor store. We cannot help everybody, but we do help a lot of otherwise law-abiding Americans restore their Constitutional rights which were taken away due to past mistakes.

Click here to see if you’re eligible to restore your firearm rights


Each state has a different process for restoring firearm rights, and the process is typically difficult to navigate without an attorney experienced in firearm rights restoration. Our law firm, Eastman, Libersat & Meyler, is happy to help guide you through the process—we strongly encourage you to take our FREE, confidential Eligibility Test or give us a call toll free at (844) 947-3732 to discuss your eligibility and the process of restoring your Second Amendment rights as an American.  The process can be as fast as about a few months, or take an entire year—the quicker you contact us, the quicker we can help you regain your Constitutional right to bear arms!

  1. Darion says:

    Hi I was convicted of a non-violent felony back in 2012 and I wanted my 2nd amendment rights restored I live in ny I’ve completed over 3 years of probation and actually released early so how do the I go about this?

    • admin_WR says:

      Give us a call today at 844-947-3732 if you haven’t already so that we can take a look into this for you. Free Consultation and Low Cost Guarantee on all of our services – FYI.

  2. Darion says:

    I also did my time in jail

  3. Donald. Williams says:

    I was wrongly accused of battery back in the nineties I tried to apply for a gun and was turned downI have no felonies just some misdemeanors back in the nineties

  4. Donald. Williams says:

    I was wrong use a battery back in the nineties I have no telling me but turned down by 8firearms

  5. Wayne says:

    I was convicted of a felony in 1997. I was given 3 years probation and only had to serve 1 and a half. Have not been in any trouble since. Can I get my 2nd amendment rights back?

    • DanielWR says:

      Hi Wayne, we offer firearm restoration services in a number of states, so contact us today to see if you’re eligible.

  6. Tim parks says:

    I was convinced of a felony in Maryland for selling an antique revolver, I also gave the man I sold it to one of my pain pills that I take for chronic back pain, long story short I will never have my rights returned, I never broke a law before or since but it’s good to know that people like you are around and trying to protect our rights and encourage you to help those like myself that can’t afford the legal costs just to protect those rights because I learned in the end it’s not about right and wrong with the legal system, it’s about the biggest pocketbook and fighting for a right that shouldn’t be taken away except from truly violent people.

    • DanielWR says:

      Hi Tim, thanks for the input. Give us a call to see if we can help out. We offer flexible payment plans for all our services.

  7. Andrew says:

    I was convicted of domestic violence misdemeanor in the state of California. My attorney at the time told me it would take 10 years to restore my right to own a gun. At the time I just turned 18. I’m 24 now, have a wife and 3 kids. Is there there any way I can get my rights back? I no longer live in the state of California, I’ve relocated to Washington state. Thank you.

  8. Christopher Pacitti says:

    I was convicted and sentenced to 36 to 48 months in federal prison for conspiracy,and conspiracy to commit credit card fraud(not idenity theft) its beeen 10 years since im free of any and all parole or probation and would like to get my gun rights back in phila pa

  9. Felipe Ricardo says:

    I was sectioned 35 out of MA and I’m trying to have my rights restored through NIAA relief of disability

  10. Sharon Huff says:

    Federal non-violent felony took place over 30 years ago (conspiracy of fraudulent activities). Sentenced 6 months incarceration, released in 4 months. US Eastern District Court of Louisiana. I now live in the State of Texas, and is presently working for Walmart for 9 years come February, and has the opportunity to be promoted to a position as an Assistant Store Manager, which entitles me to handle guns and ammo. They’re aware of my past, I just need to pass the ATF requirements to carry…

  11. Tom Westall says:

    I was convicted in Federal court for false Statements & conspiracy to commit fraud (insurance claims). Convicted 1996. I have had all my rights restored including firearms in Idaho. I’m 73 y/o. Since doesn’t prohibit me who trumps who

    • DanielWR says:

      Tom – we do not handle federal cases, as your only option there is generally a Presidential Pardon. If you had your Idaho state rights restored, that also has no bearing on federal law.

  12. Eric Rockwell says:

    I was convicted in Nevada in 1997 for a non-violent felony. I live in Virginia now. I would like to be sure that my rights have been restored, as my conviction is because of something that is now 100% legal and being sold across the counter, and it was almost 23 years ago. What would I need to do?

  13. Gregory Morrison says:

    I am a DAV 100% they removed my 2nd Amendment rights, because they stated I could not count money. Since then when I last 60days, I got a VA letter stating I am not crazy and I can now buy a weapon. Both the my doctor, and the VAs POC stated I am free to buy a gun. Now I tried 3 times since I got this letter and both times I was refused from the FBI data list. They VA says I am good to go, great but now I have tried 3 times to purchase a gun and each time I am being denied. Now looking for the FBI to come to my house and put me in jail for claiming I can purchase a fire arm. I would be ok, if the VA stated it will take 90 to 180 days to clear your record, but it did not stated that. I am a being stolen of my 2nd rights. I spoke the VA Representative today in Nashville and he stated call your congressman.. Totally mad at this point. I am sure other Veterans are be done the same way

  14. BRYON Ingalls says:

    I was convicted of mail froud with the I R S in 1991. Can I get my gun rights back ?

    • DanielWR says:

      Hi Bryon, we do help clients restore their firearm rights. As everyone’s situation is different, it is best to first take our free, secure eligibility test or call one of our representatives at (844) 947-3732 to see if you qualify.

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