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Housing for Felons in Utah

September 25, 2019

Serving out one’s term of conviction does not mean that one will be embraced with open arms by society. In fact, the completion of a sentence, while closing one door, opens another, behind which lies an entirely new set of challenges. Among a host of problems incurred by any civilian,
the acquisition and maintenance of housing is by far one of the most significant. For anyone with an arrest record that has not been expunged, finding a housing unit is made extraordinarily more difficult. While the US Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination on the grounds of sex, religion, race, national origin, disability, or family status, landlords retain the right to bar housing from a felon should the landlords believe that there is risk pertaining to safety or liability. Therefore, for those who quality, an expungement of one’s criminal record and/or conviction is the best course of action to be taken in order to re-establish some degree of normalcy and stability to one’s life.

In Utah, there are housing units available for those who have been discharged from incarceration. Such units can be found within the Utah Housing Database. These units, however, are limited, both in terms of number and location. Therefore, for those who are eligible for expungement, these housing units should be regarded as temporary solutions, steppingstones to a brighter and more stable future.

In order to quality for expungement in Utah, certain requirements must be met.

Crimes without a conviction that do not have a pending criminal case and that have had at least 30 days pass since the arrest and meet one of the following conditions are eligible for expungement.

  1. No charges were filed
  2. Charges were filed but dismissed with prejudice
  3. Charges were filed but the person was acquitted (found not guilty)
  4. The statute of limitation has expired

Crimes with a conviction that do not have a criminal case pending, that have had all fines, fees, restitution, and interest paid, that are not any of the following convictions

  1. A capital felony, 1st degree felony, or violent felony
  2. Automobile homicide
  3. Felony driving under the influence
  4. A registerable sex offence

And that have had the following time periods passed since the date of conviction or release from incarceration, probation or parole, whichever occurred last

  1. DUI/Impaired Driving  10 Years
  2. Felony 7 Years
  3. Class A Misdemeanor  5 Years
  4. Class B Misdemeanor  4 Years
  5. Other Misdemeanor or Infraction 3 Years

Are eligible for expungement.


The first step toward incorporation into civilian life is finding a place to live. Those who have been released from incarceration and have not yet had their arrest records or convictions expunged should use sources such as the following for the acquisition of housing: Utah Housing Database. For those who qualify, expungement will open a horizon of housing options, all of which should make one’s ordinary life easier, day by day.

If you have a criminal record and are interested in expungement, it’s best to seek the advice of an experienced attorney. Take our firm’s free, confidential eligibility test today to see if you qualify.

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