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LaGrange County to Hold Record Restriction Day

June 2, 2017

LaGrange’s First Record Restriction Day

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation, along with the Troup County Criminal Justice System and sheriff’s office, has begun the planning stages of the first ever LaGrange Record Restriction Day. Georgia law currently allows record expungements under certain conditions. To completely wipe marks off of one’s record, individuals must petition various different agencies and wait for their request to be approved or denied by a judge.

Taking Action

Sympathetically, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation understands that the long legal process can be a pain for people. “We know that there are a lot of moving parts to criminal justice process,” says Cheryl Payton with the GBI. “When dealing with criminal records, to have something restricted is very cumbersome. It takes people a long time to move through the process.” To shorten the length of time in this process, the GBI and its’ supporters have reduced the wait to a one-stop-shop event.

The Record Restriction Day will grant people with a criminal history the chance to apply for an expungement online or in person ahead of time. Any requests will be processed, and then passed on to the correct agencies and judges to approve or deny. These applicants will learn their fate sooner than they think. The GBI and sheriff’s office will also hold a job fair and other valuable resources to people getting a clean slate. Similar Record Restriction Day events were held in 2 other Georgia counties, with one of the events holding an attendance of over 700 people. The amount of individuals who may qualify for this event will be limited and strict guidelines will be in place to apply. A date for the event is yet to be determined. (Source: LaGrange News)

Although our firm does not offer services in Georgia, events like these are commendable to help educate and assist those with a criminal record about expungements. To learn more about WipeRecord or talk with one of our superb attorneys, call us at 844-947-3732 or contact

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