Don't Let Your Past Limit Your Future

Crimes of Violence in Louisiana

The following “Crimes of Violence” are typically not eligible for expungement under Louisiana law: (1) Solicitation for murder; (2) First degree murder; (3) Second degree murder; (4) Manslaughter; (5) Aggravated battery; (6) Second degree battery; (7) Aggravated assault; (8) Mingling harmful substances; (9) Aggravated or first degree rape; (10) Forcible or second degree rape; (11) Simple or third degree rape; (12) Sexual battery; (13) Second degree sexual battery; (14) Intentional exposure to AIDS virus; (15) Aggravated kidnapping; (16) Second degree kidnapping; (17) Simple kidnapping; (18) Aggravated arson; (19) Aggravated criminal damage to property; (20) Aggravated burglary; (21) Armed robbery; (22) First degree robbery; (23) Simple robbery; (24) Purse snatching; (25) Extortion; (26) Assault by drive-by shooting; (27) Aggravated crime against nature; (28) Carjacking; (29) Illegal use of weapons or dangerous instrumentalities; (30) Terrorism; (31) Aggravated second degree battery; (32) Aggravated assault upon a peace officer with a firearm; (33) Aggravated assault with a firearm; (34) Armed robbery; use of firearm; additional penalty; (35) Second degree robbery; (36) Disarming of a peace officer; (37) Second degree cruelty to juveniles; (38) Aggravated flight from an officer; (39) Battery of a police officer; (40) Trafficking of children for sexual purposes; (41) Human trafficking; (42) Home invasion; (43) Vehicular homicide, when the operator’s blood alcohol concentration exceeds 0.20 percent by weight based on grams of alcohol per one hundred cubic centimeters of blood.

The Benefits of a Clean Record

  • Get the job you want and make more money
  • Travel internationally without worrying
  • Reduce the cost of loans and insurance
  • Quit worrying about what people will find in a background check
  • Truthfully tell employers that you have not been convicted
  • Put your past mistakes behind you

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