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Oklahoma law, coupled with the existence of numerous private background check companies, has made it very easy for employers, landlords, and the public in general to search Oklahoma criminal records. Fortunately, Oklahoma State law allows many individuals to expunge their criminal record and enjoy the benefits. There are two main types of expungements in Oklahoma: (1) an expungement under Section 18 which expunges your entre criminal record, or (2) an expungement under Section 991(c), which changes a “guilty” plea to “not guilty,” indicating the record as dismissed.

The best option for expunging a record in Oklahoma is under Section 18. Many people qualify for this type of expungement, but there are several complex rules to which an applicant must obey. Those that qualify include petitioners found not guilty of the charges, those with dismissed charges, those who successfully completed a “deferred sentence,” along with other similar examples. Still, to successfully expunge your record under Section 18, various legal requirements must be met.

The next best option to expunge an Oklahoma criminal record is under Section 991(c). There is a short list of requirements to be eligible for this type of expungement, one being that a petitioner successfully complete a “deferred sentence.” This is where the defendant entered a plea of guilty or no contest, and satisfied various court-imposed conditions, the court does not enter a finding of guilt. This can then result in the expungement of the charge. Nevertheless, Oklahoma’s expungement rules can be quite complex, and the process is somewhat difficult to navigate without an experienced attorney. If you’re ready to put your criminal record behind you, WipeRecord is prepared to work hard and move your case forward.

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