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Missouri Expungement and Missouri Criminal Records Services

Having a criminal record in Missouri can make life miserable. A criminal record can limit you from obtaining the job you want, finding housing, receiving professional licenses, legally owning a firearm, qualifying for government programs, obtaining student loans, and many other opportunities which would otherwise be available to you. Fortunately, Missouri law provides several different options to limit the negative effects of having a Missouri criminal record.

Missouri law hasn’t always been favorable to those with a record. Prior to 2018, it was quite difficult to get rid of a Missouri criminal record. Since signing the Senate Bill 588 into law, many more Missourians can now petition to have their criminal records expunged. This helps them move forward in life without the weight of a criminal record. Although Missouri’s laws are now more forgiving, they can be difficult to navigate without the help of a lawyer who is experienced in clearing criminal records.

Effects of an Expungement in Missouri

How will a Missouri expungement help with employment?  

After expunging a criminal record in Missouri, you can legally tell prospective employers that you have not been convicted of the expunged records. However, as discussed below in the Frequently Asked Questions, there are some exceptions to this rule. Thankfully, these exceptions are limited in natureand they primarily relate to state licensing, banking, insurance, and situations where disclosure would be legally required.  

Will a Missouri expungement restore my firearm rights?  

In many cases, obtaining an expungement in Missouri will restore your right to own and possess a firearm. Restoring firearm rights typically involves both state and federal law, so it is a complicated matter that requires the advice of an experienced lawyer. With that said, Missouri’s new expungement law restores all rights that were “restricted as a collateral consequence” of the criminal record. To reiterate: if you successfully expunge an offense that took away your firearm rights, and there are no other reasons for the rights to be restricted, then your federal and state firearm rights should be restored.

Getting Rid of Your Record in Missouri

Missouri provides several different methods to get rid of a criminal record. It’s important to review the specific circumstances surrounding the arrests or convictions on your record In order to determine the best method to expunge your criminal record 

The most common situations where you can obtain an expungement in Missouri include:  

  • Expunging a Felony Conviction:  Missouri law permits the expungement of many felony convictions, if certain conditions are satisfied.  Please refer to the list of offenses that may not be expunged and the additional requirements detailed below for more information. Our law firm has also created a free eligibility test to assist you in determining whether you qualify to have a Missouri felony conviction expunged.  
  • Expunging a Misdemeanor Conviction: Most misdemeanor convictions can be expunged under current Missouri law. However, like the expungement of felony convictions, there are certain offenses that cannot be expunged, and there are additional requirements that must be satisfied.   Please refer to the information below or take our free eligibility test for more information on whether you qualify to have your Missouri misdemeanor conviction expunged.  
  • Expunging an Arrest Record: If your arrest does not lead to a conviction, Missouri law will typically require that the court automatically close your case, removing it from public view. However, in circumstances where you were either arrested based on false information, or your arrest record involves a traffic offense, you will need to file a petition to have your arrest record expunged. For these two circumstances, there are additional requirements detailed below that must be satisfied to qualify.

Missouri Expungement Services

Expunging Missouri Convictions 

Missouri law (MO Rev Stat § 610.140allows you to expunge both misdemeanor and felony convictions in many situations, but not everything qualifies for expungement. There are certain offenses that do not currently qualify for expungement under Missouri law.  

The following types of criminal convictions cannot be expunged under current Missouri expungement law:  

  • Class A Felonies  
  • Offenses that require registration as a sex offender 
  • Felony convictions where death is an element of the offense  
  • Felony convictions for assault or kidnapping  
  • Misdemeanor or felony domestic violence convictions  
  • dangerous offense as defined in Section 556.061 
  • Driving while intoxicated (automobiles, airplanes, or boats) 
  • Any of the offenses on this list  
  • Traffic-related offenses when committed by a person with a commercial driver’s license 

In addition to the prohibited offenses above, there are some additional requirements that affect whether you’re eligible for an expungement of a Missouri conviction, including the following: 

  • For felony convictions, 7 years must have passed since you completed your sentence 
  • For misdemeanor convictions, 3 years must have passed since you completed your sentence 
  • You may not have any new misdemeanor or felony convictions during the relevant time periods above – note that most traffic offenses do not count for these purposes 
  • You have satisfied all conditions of your sentence, including payment of fines and restitution 
  • You do not have any current or pending charges 
  • Your habits and conduct do not demonstrate that you will be a threat to public safety 
  • Granting the expungement is consistent with the interests of justice and public welfare 

Expunging Missouri Arrest Records

Missouri expungement law provides that you can have arrest records expunged, if additional requirements are met, in the following circumstances:  

  1. Arrest records based on false information
  2. Arrest records for motor vehicle offenses 

Specific requirements for the above types of arrest record expungements are covered below, but note that your case should automatically be closed and removed from public view under MO Rev Stat § 610.105 in the following circumstances:  

  • The charges were dropped (nolle prossed) 
  • The charges were dismissed  
  • You were found not guilty; or 
  • Your sentence was suspended 

In the above circumstances, the court should close your case automatically, but they do not always do so.  When this occurs, our law firm can act to ensure that your case is closed.  

1. Expungement of Arrest Records Based on False Information

If your arrest was based on false information, you may be eligible to have it expunged and completely destroyed under MO Rev Stat § 610.122, if each of the following is true: 

  • There was no probable cause to indicate you committed the crime;  
  • You were not charged with a crime; 
  • You have no previous misdemeanor or felony convictions;  
  • You did not receive a suspended sentence for the offense; and 
  • No civil action is pending relating to the arrest. 

2. Expungements of Arrest Records for Motor Vehicle Offenses

If you were arrested and charged with a misdemeanor motor vehicle offense, and the charges were either dropped or you were found not guilty, you can have your record expunged under MO Rev Stat § 610.122 unless any of the following are true: 

  • The arrest involved intoxication; 
  • You have a commercial driver’s license and were operating a commercial vehicle at the time; 
  • You have a misdemeanor or felony conviction on your record; or 
  • No civil action is pending relating to the arrest. 

Why You Should Hire Us

WipeRecord offers many Criminal Record Clearing Services that other firms don’t: expungements, set asides, record seals, research, internet database removal services, firearm rights restoration, and more. Not only that, but we also have a money-back guarantee, low price guarantee, and interest-free flexible payment plans.* 

Our flat fees include all required legal research, drafting and filing of all court documents, dealing with the District Attorney, and arguing your case in court. Oftentimes, our clients don’t even have to appear in court, but if they ever do, our attorneys will be there with you. 

Here are the benefits of getting an expungement: 

  • Get the job you want and make more money 
  • Quit worrying about what people will find in a background check 
  • Travel international without worry 
  • Truthfully tell employers that you have not been convicted 
  • Reduce the cost of loans and insurance 
  • Put your past mistakes behind you 

We are also highly rated on TrustPilot, GoogleAvvothe Better Business Bureau and other websites.

Try our free, confidential, fast, and secure Eligibility Test today to see if you qualify for any of our Missouri services.

Missouri Frequently Asked Expungement Questions

Is there a filing fee to expunge your record in Missouri?

Yes, there is a $250 filing fee associated with applying for an expungement in Missouri.

Where does the petition for expungement need to be filed? 

The petition for expungement needs to be filed in the court where you were convicted.  

Can I expunge multiple convictions?

In some situations, yes. However, you may only expunge one felony conviction, and two misdemeanor convictions under current Missouri law.  

Do I have to disclose a criminal record that has been expunged to prospective employers?  

Sometimes. In most circumstances, you can answer “NO” when asked by prospective employers if you have been convicted of the expunged offense. However, you must disclose your expungement in the following circumstances: 

  • A license, certificate, or permit issued by the state to practice such individual’s profession; 
  • Any license issued under chapter 313 or permit issued under chapter 571; 
  • Paid or unpaid employment with an entity licensed under chapter 313, any state-operated lottery, or any emergency services provider, including any law enforcement agency; 
  • Employment with any federally insured bank or savings institution or credit union or an affiliate of such institution or credit union for the purposes of compliance with 12 U.S.C. Section 1829 and U.S.C. Section 1785; 
  • Employment with any entity engaged in the business of insurance or any insurer for the purpose of complying with 18 U.S.C. Section 1033, 18 U.S.C. Section 1034, or other similar law which requires an employer engaged in the business of insurance to exclude applicants with certain criminal convictions from employment; or 
  • Employment with any employer that is required to exclude applicants with certain criminal convictions from employment due to federal or state law, including corresponding rules and regulations. 

My case is complicated. How do I know if I am eligible for an expungement in Missouri? 

You can take our free, confidential, fast, and secure Eligibility Test to see if you qualify for expungement.

How long does it take to expunge a criminal record? 

Unfortunately, courts can take a while to get information and look over petitions. The time frame also depends on the case, crime, and sentence completion date. The more complex the case, the longer it takes to get expunged. For more information on the time it takes for an expungement, click here. 

How much does it cost to expunge my record? 

It depends highly on the level of crime committed, the court filing fees, the amount of convictions, and more. You can seek legal advice and get a low-price guarantee with us. 


*Money Back Guarantee applicable only to certain legal service fees.  

Do I qualify for an expungement in Missouri?
The easiest way to find out is by taking our confidential, free Eligibility Test. In the alternative, you can refer to the above paragraphs to have a better idea of your eligibility. Give us a call at 844-947-3732 to speak with a criminal records analyst or attorney today!
I don't qualify for any of the Missouri services above, what can I do?
If you are not qualified for the above services but are still looking for ways to improve your life, one of our affiliates has an alternative to remove your records and personal information from the private online background check databases that matter the most. You can find out more about this service at Note, however, that this is not a legal service that, and is not a substitute for an expungement.
How much do I pay for the services?
Currently, our prices start at $495 for services in Missouri. We offer payment plans based on the client’s needs, and a refund policy when circumstances apply. Contact us today to get a tailored quote – we always offer discounts to clients ready to take actions!
What do I do to get started?
If you are reading this – you have already started the right course of action! Contact us so that our experts can start handling your expungement/restricted access right away.
Why should I have WipeRecord handle my expungement in Missouri?
Having your conviction expunged is not an easy process – there are many subtle rules that need to be followed for you to be successful. Hiring us to obtain a satisfactory result on your behalf will give you peace of mind, ensuring it is done correctly and as quickly as possible, and increasing your chances of success. We will handle any objections the District Attorney may present, send a licensed attorney to argue your case in court if need be, and write letters to potential employers indicating that your case has been reopened and is in the process of being removed from your criminal record, all at an unbeatable price.
How long do I have to wait for the petition to be granted?
The most frequently question we hear from clients is – how long do I have to wait? We understand the importance of working efficiently so we try our best to move things forward. However, an expungement usually takes several months to obtain, depending on the particular county, and sometimes the particular court.
Am I required to go to court?
Typically, clients do not have to show up in court for us to do our job. Under rare circumstances where you are required to attend a hearing, we will be there every step of the way and make sure you have nothing to worry about.
How do I learn about my case status once I hire WipeRecord?
We strive to make our clients informed and assured of every processes of their case. Our law firm has a secure client portal where clients can obtain information about their case online by simply logging in. Clients can also book appointments with their paralegals via the secure client portal, and one can always contact us by either phone or email for an update.

Problems Caused By Your Record

Criminal records can cause problems long after you’re free from the courts. Unless you do something about it, your criminal record will typically remain in the public record forever. Today, background check sites are inexpensive and readily accessible to potential employers, lenders, landlords, family, and friends. Running these types of checks has become more and more routine for both business and personal reasons-if you have been arrested or convicted of crime and do not want the world to be aware of it, you must act now to do something about it.

We Are Here to Help

We understand how difficult a criminal record can make life. Fortunately, WipeRecord has record clearing services to help anybody with a criminal record. Our flat fees includes all required legal research, drafting and filing of all court documents, dealing with the District Attorney, and arguing your case in court. Typically, our clients rarely have to appear in court, so you should be able to sit back and let us do all of the work.

Missouri Services

WipeRecord is here to help. We have record clearing services to help anybody with a criminal record move forward in life with confidence and peace of mind. These rules can be complex, so contact our experienced attorneys to see if you qualify to have your record sealed-we are happy to provide a free consultation to let you know what your options are to clear your criminal record.

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The Benefits of a Clean Record

  • Get the job you want and make more money
  • Travel internationally without worrying
  • Reduce the cost of loans and insurance
  • Quit worrying about what people will find in a background check
  • Truthfully tell employers that you have not been convicted
  • Put your past mistakes behind you

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