Don't Let Your Past Limit Your Future

Multiple Convictions

At WipeRecord, we understand that you may have multiple felonies and/or misdemeanors on your record that you may want to get expunged or sealed. We also understand that although we offer the lowest price and the best service, expunging multiple misdemeanors and felonies can start to get costly when you include county filing fees. At WipeRecord, we’re here to work with you!

If you have more than one item you’d like to expunge or seal, we’ll be happy to offer you a discount. The best way to find out how much you can save is to contact us!

The Benefits of a Clean Record

  • Get the job you want and make more money
  • Travel internationally without worrying
  • Reduce the cost of loans and insurance
  • Quit worrying about what people will find in a background check
  • Truthfully tell employers that you have not been convicted
  • Put your past mistakes behind you

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