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Don’t Let Past Mistakes Hurt Your Future

When you’re convicted in New York, a criminal record is created with the New York Division of Criminal Justice Services. That record is then forwarded to the FBI Criminal Justice Information Services Division, making the information relating to your arrest and conviction publicly available in a background check. 

Having a conviction on your record makes life difficult, even long after you’ve paid your debt to society. Everyone knows they make getting jobs more difficult and may take away your Second Amendment right to own a gun, but convictions also limit more opportunities and remove more rights than you may know. For example, two Class B misdemeanor convictions will restrict you from living in New York City Housing Authority apartment for at least three years. 

The list of rights affected by convictions is too long to list here, but a conviction can limit you from getting the job you want, obtaining housing, getting professional licenses, legally owning a firearm, qualifying for government programs, and receiving student loans.A conviction on your criminal record may also prevent you from adoption, affect your immigration rights, and limit many other rights everyone else enjoys. Thankfully, New York law allows many people to seal both misdemeanor and felony convictions, restore firearm rights, and recover their rights that a criminal record has taken away.

Our law firm has helped thousands of clients deal with their criminal records, and we hear success stories from them often. If a conviction in New York is holding you back in life, keep reading to see what you can do about it.

Know Your Options

New York provides quite a few methods to remove or limit the availability of criminal records and restore your Second Amendment rights, so it’s important to review the specific circumstances surrounding the incidents on your record to determine the best method of relief 

The most common remedies to deal with a criminal record in New York include:

Summaries of Our New York Services

Sealing New York Convictions: Sealing New York misdemeanor or felony conviction makes the sealed record inaccessible to the public, allowing you to pass background checks and legally state that the conviction never occurred. While sealing your record does not destroy your records, only certain criminal justice agencies will be able to access sealed records. 

New York Firearm Rights Restoration:  In many circumstances, New York law allows you to restore your Second Amendment right to own a firearm. In most instances, the best method for restoration in New York is to obtain a Certificate for Relief from Disabilities, but they can be restored by obtaining a Certificate of Good Conduct as well. It should be noted that restoring firearm rights can be a complex process involving both state and federal law that should be handled by an experienced attorney. 

New York Certificates for Relief from Disabilities:When you do not qualify to seal your records, or when your primary interest is restoring your firearm rights, a Certificate for Relief from Disabilities is typically the best option for your criminal record. Although this type of certificate does not remove a conviction from your record, it is an official ruling by the court stating that you have been rehabilitated. In addition, a Certificate of Rehabilitation restores many rights that have been taken away by your conviction. In many cases, a Certificate of Rehabilitation will also restore your Second Amendment rights to own a firearm.

New York Certificates of Good Conduct:If your record is ineligible to seal or obtain a Certificate for Relief from Disabilities, a Certificate of Good Conduct may still be available. Although a Certificate of Good Conduct does not remove your criminal offense from your criminal record, it is an official ruling by the court that you have been rehabilitated since your criminal past. Certificates of Good Conduct can restore your firearm rights in some circumstancesbut they are less likely than Certificates for Relief from Disabilities to do so.

Sealing Convictions from Drug Treatment Sentences: When you have completed a Drug Treatment Alternative-to-Prison (DTAP) program, you can seal many drug, and drug-related, convictions. Once you have successfully completed a DTAP program, it is likely that you qualify to seal those convictions and may be able to seal up to three additional drug-related misdemeanor convictions. 

On the service-specific pages linked above, we will review each of these different methods of dealing with criminal records. These services have different legal effects and requirements to qualify, so it is important to understand which one is best for your circumstances.

This Information is for You

Since the majority of people reading this aren’t lawyers, we’ve tried to simplify the legal jargon on our website, so regular people may follow along and get the information needed to understand their rights. However, before we get started, we should be clear that some of this information can get complicated, and, in many cases, it’s best to seek the assistance of an experienced lawyer.

To help you understand your rights, our lawyers have developed a tool that can be helpful in figuring out your options. This tool can’t be perfectly accurate in every situation, but our lawyers have invested substantial time and resources working to make it as accurate as possible.

You can get started by using our Secure Eligibility Test, or you can give us a call at (844) 947-3732 to see if our legal staff is available for a free consultationBe aware that our staff is often busy with current clients and a high volume of calls and appointments. If you’re serious about getting rid of your record, your best bet is to take our Secure Eligibility Test and then schedule an appointment to discuss your results and options.

Legal Effect of New York Services

The two biggest issues our law firm’s clients encounter relate to obtaining employment and restoring firearm rights, so we’re going to discuss each in a little more detail. 

How will these services help me get a job?  

The exact answer to this question depends on which criminal record service you use, but each of the services discussed should be helpful in obtaining a job, in varying degrees.

Sealing New York conviction is the best way to improve your chances of getting a job, as it will allow you to pass almost all background checks and legally state that you have not been convicted of the sealed offense. The main exception to this would be if you are applying to be a police officer. Certain Criminal Justice Agencies can view sealed records.

Certificates for Relief from Disabilities and Certificates of Good Conduct will not help you pass a background check, but they should improve your employment prospects, as they are official legal documents demonstrating your rehabilitation. Most importantly, these certificates can remove bars to applying for certain jobs, getting professional licenses required for certain jobs, and can also make you eligible for government programs. 

How can I restore my firearm rights in New York?

While sealing a New York conviction is the best way to improve your ability to pass a background check and get a job, they will have no effect on your ability to legally own a firearm.

In contrast, Certificates of Good Conduct and Certificates for Relief from Disabilities aren’t as helpful in obtaining a job, but they both can restore your firearm rights. It is important to note that a judge can grant either of these certificates and decide to not restore your firearm rights. Typically, a Certificate for Relief from Disabilities has a higher chance of restoring your firearm rights, because qualifying for that type of certificate often requires that you have a less serious criminal history. For Certificates of Good Conduct, you may not have your firearm rights restored if you’ve been convicted of either a Class A Felony or violent offense.

In our firm’s experience, it is more likely for a judge to restore firearm rights when the conviction was for a non-violent crime that happened a long time ago. Some counties are also more likely to restore firearm rights than others. Judges evaluate your behavior since being convicted and are more likely to restore firearm rights when you’ve led a lawful life since conviction and have a legitimate need for a firearm.

We will go into more detail regarding restoring Second Amendment rights in New York on our New York Firearm Rights Restoration Page, but restoration typically involves both state and federal law that should be handled by an experienced lawyer. The lawyers in our firm regularly handle complex firearm rights restoration issues, so a good first step in exploring whether you can restore your firearm rights would be to take our Secure Eligibility Test. Then, if appropriate, set up a time to speak with our legal staff about how to proceed. 

What You Need to Do to Get Rid of Your Record

If you are tired of having a criminal record hold you back, reach out to us by taking our Secure Eligibility Test or by giving us a call at (844) 947-3732. Our law firm has helped thousands of people with criminal records move on in life, leaving many of the negative effects of a criminal record behind.  Our experienced attorneys and legal staff are here to help you figure out what criminal record clearing services best fit your needs, and then help you accomplish your goals.  Using our secure, confidential Eligibility Test is the best way to get the process started.

Some of the potential benefits of clearing your criminal record in New York include:

  • Removing a finding of guilt from your criminal record to help you get a better job  
  • Becoming eligible for professional licenses you previously did not qualify for 
  • Restoring your Second Amendment right to bear arms  
  • No longer being treated as a felon 
  • Increased eligibility for student loans, housing assistance, and government programs 
  • Improving your ability to obtain higher-paying job opportunities 
  • Improving access and admission to college and other educational resources 

Each of New York’s methods for dealing with your criminal record have different requirements and are meant for different circumstances.  To move forward, it’s important to determine which New York criminal record services are available to you, and then select the services that will provide the greatest benefit. Eastman Meyler, PC is here to help you navigate this very specific area of New York criminal law, fight to protect your rights, and assist you in moving forward in life without the effects of a New York criminal record.

You can trust that you will get exceptional service from our law firm, as we have an A Rating from the Better Business Bureau, and prestigious attorney rating services such as Thompson Reuters and Avvo list our attorneys as Super Lawyers and Superb Attorneys.  Our law firm has attorneys licensed to practice law in all New York state courts, provides low price guarantees, and is here to fight for you and put your criminal record behind you!

What is the difference between the services offered in New York?
New York currently does not allow any complete expungement of criminal records. A record seal means your entire criminal record inaccessible to potential employers, landlords, the general public, and all but a handful of government agencies. Unless you are applying to become a police officer, or a few other limited occupations, you can legally deny the existence of your sealed criminal record. However, it should be noted that a sealed criminal record can often be used against you in subsequent criminal prosecutions.A certificate of relief from disabilities will restore your ability to own a firearm and obtain many professional licenses, also improving your chance of getting an employment. Your conviction will still show up in your background check.A certificate of good conduct is similar to a certificate of relief from disabilities, but one has to wait out the specified waiting period in order to get one.
Do I qualify for a certificate/record seal in New York?
The easiest way to find out is by taking our confidential, free Eligibility Test. In the alternative, you can refer to the above paragraphs to have a better idea of your eligibility. Give us a call at 844-947-3732 to speak with a criminal records analyst or attorney today!
I do not qualify, anything else I can do?
If you are not qualified for the above services but are still looking for ways to improve your life, one of our affiliates has an alternative to remove your records and personal information from the private online background check databases that matter the most. You can find out more about this service at Note, however, that this is not a legal service that, and is not a substitute for an expungement.
How much do I pay for the services?
Currently we charge $1,995 for services in New York. We offer payment plans based on the client’s needs, and a refund policy when circumstances apply.Contact us today to get a tailored quote – we always offer discounts to clients ready to take actions!
What do I need to do to get started?
If you are reading this – you have already started the right course of action! Contact us so that our experts can start handling your expungement/restricted access right away.
Why should I choose WipeRecord to handle my certificate/record sealing?
Having your record sealed or getting a certificate is not an easy process – there are many subtle rules that need to be followed for you to be successful. Hiring us to obtain a satisfactory result on your behalf will give you peace of mind, ensuring it is done correctly and as quickly as possible, and increasing your chances of success. We will handle any objections the District Attorney may present, send a licensed attorney to argue your case in court if need be, and write letters to potential employers indicating that your case has been reopened and is in the process of being removed from your criminal record, all at an unbeatable price.
How long do I have to wait for the petition to be granted?
The most frequently question we hear from clients is – how long do I have to wait?We understand the importance of working efficiently so we try our best to move things forward. However, an expungement usually takes several months to obtain, depending on the particular county, and sometimes the particular court.
Am I required to go to court?
Typically, clients do not have to show up in court for us to do our job. Under rare circumstances where you are required to attend a hearing, we will be there every step of the way and make sure you have nothing to worry about.
How do I learn about my case status once I hire WipeRecord?
We strive to make our clients informed and assured of every processes of their case. Clients get a monthly update of their case from our paralegals, and one can always contact us by either phone or email for an update.Our law firm is currently finishing up a custom client portal, where clients can obtain information about their case online by simply logging in.

Problems Caused By Your Record

Criminal records can cause problems long after you’re free from the courts. Unless you do something about it, your criminal record will typically remain in the public record forever. Today, background check sites are inexpensive and readily accessible to potential employers, lenders, landlords, family, and friends. Running these types of checks has become more and more routine for both business and personal reasons-if you have been arrested or convicted of crime and do not want the world to be aware of it, you must act now to do something about it.

We Are Here to Help

We understand how difficult a criminal record can make life. Fortunately, WipeRecord has record clearing services to help anybody with a criminal record. Our flat fees includes all required legal research, drafting and filing of all court documents, dealing with the District Attorney, and arguing your case in court. Typically, our clients rarely have to appear in court, so you should be able to sit back and let us do all of the work.

New York Services

WipeRecord is here to help. We have record clearing services to help anybody with a criminal record move forward in life with confidence and peace of mind. These rules can be complex, so contact our experienced attorneys to see if you qualify to have your record sealed-we are happy to provide a free consultation to let you know what your options are to clear your criminal record.

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