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Now Is Probably A Good Time To Restore Your Firearm Rights

July 17, 2020

The recent chaos this country has experienced has affected us all. COVID-19 has led to statewide lockdowns. These lockdowns have fueled anxiety, panic, and fear in many Americans. With some added incidents of horrific police brutality…voila, you have civil unrest and utter chaos that has made many people reconsider what it means to feel safe. Many are wondering how they plan on protecting their families – especially if things keep getting worse.

I invite you to search “gun line” in a search engine and look at some images. When was the last time you saw this many citizens waiting in line to buy a firearm? This is what an American response to civil unrest looks like in 2020.

Unfortunately, millions of Americans cannot simply go into a local gun shop and purchase a gun because of a previous conviction that will undoubtedly show up on a routine background check. So what options does one have in this situation? Well, you may need to see if your conviction is eligible to be expunged, sealed, set-aside or vacated. Using these legal mechanisms may allow you to restore your Second Amendment rights. Every state that we serve has its own set of laws which determine who is eligible for relief. It would be difficult to list all the complexities and available options, as there are a lot of important variables.

For example, restoring gun rights in Indiana differs from California, and California differs from Texas. 

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One of the benefits of choosing a law firm like WipeRecord to represent you is that after we hopefully obtain an order from the courts to restore your firearm rights, we then look to enforce the court order. We’ve received thousands of calls from people saying that they restore their rights but their conviction is still showing up on a background search. After we successfully petition the courts to restore your rights (depending on the service), we enforce the order almost immediately with over 700 individual background check companies. If you decided to do this on your own, it could take 6 months to over a year for these background check companies to receive an update. So if you’re looking at different options on how to restore your gun rights after a conviction, you should keep in mind that you’re not done after a judge grants your order. You need to enforce the results.

We understand the importance of restoring your Second Amendment rights. Whether you want to protect you and your family from the civil unrest that has been inundating our society, go hunting, or simply collect classic guns, you should definitely follow the correct legal steps.  First step is finding out if you’re eligible.  

Take our free and confidential firearm rights eligibility test.

  1. Brady hurley says:

    I am a convicted felony I need my gun rights restored it’s been 24 years and what time I got left I would love to go hunting with my two sons I haven’t been in no trouble at all I need help with this my phone number is 15022339366 please I already have my rights to vote I just need my gun rights restored thank you

  2. paladino says:

    I have felony for carring a gun ny ,20 years now live in Flordia want to have my gun rights ,can my felony be expungement

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