More State Laws Allow for Expungements and the Benefits are Shocking

Although the true purpose of a criminal record is intended to simply provide information about a person’s previous arrests and convictions, it also has that slightly negative effect of interfering and impacting certain civil rights and opportunities for the affected individual. These rights and opportunities can include things such as employment, firearm rights, or their ability to receive a loan for example.

There are several benefits to expunging your record because it provides you with the opportunity to ultimately “start over” with a clean slate, and move towards improving your life in a number of different ways.

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Expunging your record may help with the following general areas:

  • Getting a job: Most, if not all of us have experienced the difficulty that a job search can bring. Not to mention the added stress of passing a background check if you have a prior arrest in your personal record. Having a criminal record can decrease your chances of getting a job for which you are otherwise qualified. If you are able to successfully expunge your criminal record, you will potentially increase your chances of finding and securing employment as you’ll be able to confidently say and check “no” on job applications when asked if you have ever convicted of a crime. This is important because employers tend to prioritize those who do not possess a criminal record over those who do.
  • Getting a loan: Ever want to own a home or a car? Need to get more education for the job you have always dreamed of? Unless you have a lot of cash, you will eventually need to apply for a loan, whether it’s for a home or a car, or even for your next school application. However, some loan Dollarphotoclub_100232725-minagencies may associate having a criminal record with the decreased likelihood of being able to meet financial obligations, and within a reasonable timeframe. There is also the possibility of excessively higher interest rates for those with a previous criminal event in their record, in which can be used against you by loan agencies. Combined with the probable difficulty in finding and securing employment, it may become frustrating or even seem impossible for one to move forward in life with a criminal record. Why wait to get this fixed? This is where expunging your record can potentially help.

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  • Firearm rights restoration: This is one of the more popular and frequently asked about rights in regards to expunging one’s criminal record. Firearm rights restoration is slightly more difficult successfully accomplish because the possibility for restoration varies case by case and is dependent upon the specific differing state laws. However, full firearm rights restoration is still possible for those who are eligible through the expungement of their criminal record. In situations where expungement is either not available or an option, our attorneys at WipeRecord understand how to us other tactics that may be useful in potentially restoring one’s firearm rights, such as “reducing” a conviction to a misdemeanor.
  • Peace of mind: Ultimately, the greatest benefit and gift of all from expunging your record is being able to finally have peace of mind that your past is truly behind you. Knowing that your criminal record is expunged is a very satisfying relief for many as it provides them with a clean slate to hopefully start over and new with their lives.

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At WipeRecord, we believe that everyone deserves a second chance to learn and grow from mistakes made in the past. That is why we do what we do. WipeRecord strives to provide our clients with a fresh start, full of opportunity for a new life.  As mentioned above, expunging your record may ultimately help you in myriad areas of life, such as finding and securing employment, obtaining a loan, or restoring firearm rights.

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