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Santa Clara

Santa Clara Criminal Expungement and Record Sealing Services

Welcome to the Santa Clara County section of WipeRecord. If you’re considering an expungement or record sealing, look no further. At WipeRecord, we have over 40 years of experience. Are you looking to get a job in Santa Clara County and your past is holding you back? Contact our team as we may be able to help expunge and/or seal your criminal record. Did you know that over 75% of employers in Santa Clara County conduct some form of a background check before they hire potential employee? Will you pass that background check? With an expungement, you can honestly check that you’ve never been arrested as employers won’t be able to find out!


Not only does expunging your record help your chances significantly of getting a job but it also is very important should you want to lease an apartment or home in Santa Clara County. Landlords are notorious for looking into your past as they usually want someone without any red flags on their record.

We pride ourselves by being the largest criminal expungement firm in the country coupled with the lowest prices! If you happen to find a lower price for an expungement or record sealing in Santa Clara County, we will match that price as we have a price match guarantee.

Contact WipeRecord today and put your past behind you – where it belongs!
Santa Clara County Court Information
Downtown Superior Court 191 North First Street San Jose CA 95113 408-882 2100
Family Courthouse 170 Park Avenue San Jose CA 95113 408-534 5600
Hall of Justice 190-200 West Hedding Street San Jose CA 95110 408-808 6600
Juvenile Justice Courthouse 840 Guadalupe Parkway San Jose CA 95110 408-808 6200
Old Courthouse 161 North First Street San Jose CA 95113 408-882 2100
Notre Dame Courthouse 99 Notre Dame Ave San Jose CA 95110 408-882 2900
Paolo Alto Courthouse ( Closed) 270 Grant Avenue Paolo Alto CA 93406
Santa Clara Courthouse 1095 Homestead Road 191 N. First Street Santa Clara CA 95050 408-556 3000
South County Morgan Hill Courthouse (Closed) 301 Diana Avenue Morgan Hill CA 95037
Sunnyvale Courthouse 605 West El Camino Real Sunnyvale CA 94087 408-481 3500
Terraine Courthouse 115 Terraine Street San Jose CA 95110 408-491 4700

One potential benefit of expunging your record is that you many be able to restore your firearm rights in Santa Clara County. Whether you want to go hunting or project your family, you should talk with our lawyers about the benefits of restoring your gun rights. You should note that not all expungements that are granted allow you restore your firearm rights.