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Why Traveling Abroad for Ex-Cons Is Painful

May 16, 2017

Let’s face it, going through customs when traveling abroad can be a pain. The long waiting periods, the paperwork, the screaming babies, the typical airport pet-peeves. If you’re an ex-convict, you’ve got even more to worry about: being denied entry to the country you’re traveling too.

A good example is ‘jail bae’, Jeremy Meeks. Even though he had obtained a work permit and the correct paperwork was signed by his parole officer, Meeks was denied entry into London for having gun charges on his record in 2014. Even though Meeks was only traveling to the UK to work on some scheduled photo shoots, Meeks was not only denied entry, but he was also banned from the entire country. Harsh.

With entry rules depending on country, traveling internationally has become increasingly difficult for anyone with a record. Some individuals will be able to enter pending the correct permit, paperwork and passport, while other countries that conduct background checks upon arrival will not be so lenient. In Canada, individuals with a criminal history can enter the country ten years after the completion of their sentence, as long as it is the only mark on their record. Others with heavier offenses, like DUI, fraud, violence or sexual offenses will need to file a formal application called Criminal Rehabilitation, as time would have no bearing on the individual’s crime.

With security threats and past acts of terrorism, countries have been forced to tighten up security in customs. Even the most random factors and small offenses can affect an ex-con’s ability to enter the country. (Source: VICE)

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  1. […] with a criminal record entering that respective country. For example, model Jeremy Meeks was banned from the UK for serving a three-year sentence for possession of a firearm.  According to the UK’s […]

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